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Terminology Work in Across - Tips and Tricks

Terminology work is an important and often undervalued part of translating. In addition to offering an extensive terminology database, the Across translation memory also makes it possible to integrate terminology work into the workflow as a defined work step. This article examines and offers solutions for two problems commonly faced by translators.

Predefined Workflows from Across

High quality translations of technical documents cannot be created without consistent terminology. With Across, you can do terminology work before beginning any actual translation. You can extract potential terms from the source text, translate them, and save them in the crossTerm terminology database. Performing this terminology work in advance and having it available in crossTerm to all translators is highly beneficial, especially if multiple translators are working on the same partitioned text.

Before starting to work on a document, you select a workflow template that includes steps for terminology work. Across then creates the "Term Extraction" and "Term Translation" task types. The "Document Translation" task cannot be started until these two tasks have been completed.

When working with terminology, the following tasks are important to note:

Term Extraction

Task: Entering basic forms

Term extraction provides a list of candidate terms. The terminologist decides which of the candidate terms should be entered in the database. These are then translated during the next step – term translation.
The potential terms appear in the list the same way as in the source text. In most cases, this means that they appear in a conjugated or declined form. However, each term must be entered into the terminology database in its basic form.


With Across, you can edit the term. Click the term once and make any necessary changes. To confirm, press ENTER.

When finishing the task, make sure that the potential terms are in their basic form.

Term Translation

Task: Adding data categories

During term translation, the terminologist translates the list of terms. However, only pairs of terms are stored. Important information, such as gender or word type, cannot be defined during this step.


For this reason, we recommend inserting an additional step, which is not provided by Across, into the workflow between Term Translation and the actual translation process. In crossTerm, use the filter settings to select the terms which have just been created. Add as many data categories as are necessary. At the very least, we recommend creating word type as a category, so that non-native speakers can use the terminology.

In practice, the categorization of terminology is often left out due to time constraints. To prevent the terminology database from becoming just another glossary, it should be edited and categorized shortly after delivery of the translation, at the latest.


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